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West Pokot County receives 100,000 face masks

The US Embassy in Kenya has donated 100,000 face masks to West Pokot County in one of its efforts towards the fight against Covid-19.
Handing over the consignment to the West Pokot County government at the county headquarters Monday, US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter said the friendship between Kenya and the US is unwavering and the facemasks branded USA Marafiki largely targets school going children within the region.
“This initiative is to make sure that children going back to school are safe. The masks are reusable,” said McCarter.
He regretted that Covid-19 had invaded the country affecting citizens’ culture that is characterised by close social contact.
The envoy accompanied by his wife Victoria later toured two projects being supported by the Embassy and urged area residents to engage in income generating activities so that they could make Kenya a self-reliant nation.
“I am proud of the women groups for the hard work and support for each other. Kenya is a blessed country with so many natural resources. Ours is just to give you some seed so that you can explore your potential,” noted the Ambassador.
Ewan Kiror Women Self Help Group (Pokot South Sub County) and Otupo Women Self Help Group (West Pokot Sub County) lauded the support from the embassy noting that it has enabled many families put food on their tables.
Ewan Kiror Women Self Help Group benefitted from a greenhouse where they are planting capsicum and their dream is to have more greenhouses so that they could diversify into other crops such tomatoes since their customers have been asking for their supply.
The group stated that the weather condition in the area is cold hence use of greenhouse technology is ideal for better crop production.
On the other hand, Otupo Women Self Help Group at Kapkoris that deals in poultry farming said they wished for more support so that they could acquire a farm for recruitment of more members.
The group chair Mrs. Elizabeth Keriso said each of the over 17 members have 200 chicken they were asking for another incubator so that they can brood more chicks.

By Richard Muhambe

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