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Wild animals kill livestock in Marakwet West

Residents of Kapsumai and Kapkure villages bordering Cheboit forest in Marakwet West want Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) to look into the case of wild animals attacking their sheep.

The two villages have experienced the majority of the nightly attacks by the animal which some villagers were suspecting to be a leopard but some are refuting this claim saying the animal does not consume the sheep but just drains blood.

The residents who are now living in fear for their livestock after the unknown wild animal attacked and killed 28 sheep in the course of this month.

Tanui Chepkiyeng, whose five sheep were killed last night, said the predator kills the sheep and leaves without consuming or dragging them away adding that he has experienced a huge loss because of the death of his livestock.

The villagers have appealed to KWS to intervene before they lose all of their herd to the unknown wild animal.

Cheboit forest is part of Cherangany forest which has still not been subjected to deforestation and is still intact.

By Rennish Okong’o

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