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Woman Banished for Reporting Incest

The case of a 70-year-old man and his 28-year-old son arrested Wednesday on suspicion of repeatedly defiling a minor in Kathiani, Machakos County took a nasty twist when the minor’s mother was chased away from home by her husband for betraying the two suspects.


Narrating the events outside the Machakos Children’s Office Thursday morning, the tearful mother of three said that her husband ordered her out of their matrimonial home for reporting the duo, who were promptly arrested after she reported their heinous actions on the minor to area police.

She claimed the husband and other relatives accused her of betraying the two, leading to their arrest.

She however vowed not to relent in pursuit of justice for her traumatized daughter. The middle-aged mother appealed to well-wishers and the government to accommodate her and help her get justice for the minor.

According to police reports, the two, who are a grand father and uncle to the 11-year girl have been defiling her repeatedly with the son even sodomizing her.

The young girl said her grandfather started defiling in 2016 while the son joined in the fray back in 2019 where he would defile and sodomize her after threatening or enticing her with sweets.

The forty days of the culprits however came to an end on Sunday when the minor disclosed the offence after her mother found her in her bedroom, crying and sulking.

Upon this disclosure, the mother immediately took her for medical check-up which confirmed her worst fears. She then alerted the police who arrested the duo as the minor was taken to a children’s home.

Confirming the arrest, Kathiani sub county commander John Kimathi said investigations into the matter had started, adding that his office was collecting statements while awaiting a medical report to support charges of incest and defilement.

This incident is the latest in a series where gender-based violence and molestation of minors are reported to be on the rise.

Giving a report during the Day of the African Child celebrations, the Machakos County Children’s Officer Salome Muthama revealed that since the onset of Covid-19 induced school holidays an estimated 4000 school girls in the county had been impregnated.

Reports indicated that most of the pregnancies were from adults, mostly close relatives taking advantage of the minors, amidst conspiracy among family members to keep such happenings under the wraps.

By Justus Keesi

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