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Women displaced by floods appeal for condoms

A  public health officer in Kilifi County was yesterday forced to temporary leave a public forum and go look for condoms to distribute to scores of women displaced by floods in Magarini Sub County to protect themselves from contracting HIV /AIDs

This was after some of over 2000 women displaced by floods in Garashi location, Magarini Sub County emphasized that they were likely to suffer sexual urge and bed fellow men salivating for them as they were staying in congested tents away from their spouses.

“Since we have been staying here for more than two weeks without our husbands who are at the farms taking care of our assets and distant towns working, we have normal women desires and can easily be convinced by men in this place to make love, “one of them who requested anonymity told a Public Health Officer,  Amos Nthenge  who had toured the area to assess the situation.

It was at this point than Nthenge moved to the nearby Garashi health centre where he got a box full of condoms and handed it over to the area chief,Chula Ndudhi Chula in his office for distribution.

Addressing the flood victims, Nthenge who also handed over water guard tablets to the chief for their use cautioned the victims against unprotected sex while at the camp. He said some diseases occur through contamination and urged them to report any case of water borne disease for prompt action.

“The County government has realized the need for the immediate supply of drugs to this health centre to counter diseases like diarrhea and cholera. It is important to seek medication immediately one falls sick,” he said.

The victims have been provided with food and drugs from the County government while many other key players among them Kenya Red Cross, Action Aid and Anglican Development Services have donated other essentials like tents and blankets.

By  Harrison  Yeri

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