Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Women enforcement officers urged to shun alcoholism

Women law enforcement officers in Turkana County have been urged to shun alcoholism and other vices that could undermine their performance at work.

Addressing the female enforcement officers in Lodwar on Tuesday, Assistant Director in charge of Inspectorate Department Rael Arot cautioned the officers against alcoholism, absenteeism, indiscipline and violence reminding them of their mandate as disciplined officers.

She said the officers were expected to be good role models in the society.

Arot however acknowledged the unique challenges experienced by women in the male dominated field and called on them to support each other.

She further underscored the need for the formation of a welfare group which she said would cater for and support them at times of need.

“I assure you that we shall be conducting specific trainings on work related skills which are designed to enhance operational effectiveness and professional advancement of all female enforcement officers in the County,” she said.

The session provided an opportunity for the enforcement officers to share their experiences at work including their concerns and challenges for their personal, emotional and professional well-being.

Arot noted their concerns and urged them to be patient as their issues are being addressed.

She reminded them that they should also be grateful for the opportunity to serve their fellow county residents at a time when jobs were hard to come by.

“Sustained success requires time and effort, let us be patient,” she advised the officers.

by Peter Gitonga

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