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Women groups smile after receiving building materials

Pride Africa Company, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) has donated building materials to Women groups at Kamasielo village in Kimilili Constituency of Bungoma County to improve their livelihood during this Covid-19 pandemic period.

The NGO that partners with other organisations and stakeholders in supporting vulnerable families in the society.

Speaking to the press today in Kimilili town after the disbursement of the materials, CEO Pride Africa Company Peter Mwibanda said that they decided to donate iron sheets and chain link wires to those rearing chicken to boost production and ensure they stay in conducive environment amid Covid-19 pandemic.

“The company not only supports women but also support youths by giving them motorbikes at affordable prices,” he said, adding that many youths were jobless.

He called on other stakeholders to partner with Pride Africa Company to give diverse services and help the vulnerable in the society.

“The company cordially invites any interested partner so that we serve the community at large,” he said.

Mwibanda stated that the company was working with more than 300 groups in Bungoma to ensure that they give out motorbikes and water tanks to youths and women in Kimilili and Mt Elgon to enable them support their families during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The company does not work only in Kimilili Constituency but its works across the nation to support the less fortunate in the society. I welcome all youths to come on board so that we work together. Once they receive motorbikes they can use them to earn daily bread,” he added.

His sentiments were echoed by Jane Kamiro Kutai who said she received building materials through her generous contribution to mwangaza women group.

“I was really staying in a hole but before the end of this month I will have built a serious house,” she said.

Judith Mukite who rears chicken received wire mesh which will secure her birds from predators and theft. “I lost many birds due to insufficient funds to purchase wire mesh as well as maintaining security. This is awesome I will rear as many as possible,” she said.

By Maureen Imbayi

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