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Women happy with family planning methods

Many  women  in Kiambu County have routinely sought modern long-term contraceptive methods as a way of preventing pregnancy as they are affordable and readily available in hospitals.

Subsequently, Kiambu Level 5 Hospital has been credited as an important health facility in provision of implants, intrauterine device (IUD), female condoms and injections.

These diverse methods of family planning have enabled many women in the region to space and therefore have a planned pregnancy.

In  an exclusive  interview with KNA on Saturday, the Maternal Child Health Officer at Kiambu Level 5 Hospital, Pascaline  Kioi  said residents come for the services on daily basis including weekend.

“Currently, we have IUD that lasts 5 to 10 years, Depo Provera injection that is dispensed once in 30 days for three months, contraceptive pills and implants that cover three years,” Kioi said, adding that the hospital receives about 100 patients weekly and this shows that the residents have embraced the new family planning services.

The health official noted that every day the institution receives 15 to 20 women, an indication that women in the productive bracket were keen on taking control of their lives.

She said the medical expenses are fairly cheap and hence affordable to all women seeking various methods.

“Insertion and removal IUD costs Sh.200 while implants go for Sh.300,” said Ms. Kioi, adding Depo Provera injections go for Sh.100 while the pills for one cycle are bought for as little as Sh. 20 only.”

Kioi  told KNA that many women consider using long term contraceptives such as implants and injections compared to condoms and pills.

She  said many women were not willing to use some the methods specifically female condoms as they consider them uncomfortable.

“Such  women consider condoms bulky and also see pills are short term methods that may force them to return to the medical facility from time to time,” she said.

A  former  student from Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) who sought anonymity told KNA that she used an implant while studying after realizing that many ladies in the institution were getting unwanted pregnancies.

“I decided to use implants for three years which has helped me complete my studies without any fears of getting pregnant that could have cost me and my family a lot,” she said.

However, she has never informed her guardians on the issue and doesn’t intend to do so.

Women are important pillars of the nation and the existence of affordable family planning methods has helped many of them to reinforce the right to determine the number and space their children.

By  Harry  Kamanda

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