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Women urged to seek political leadership roles

Kwale County Deputy Governor (DG) Fatuma Achani is calling on women to play an active role in politics.

Achani said women should empower each other and advocate for greater representation of women in leadership positions in the public sector.

The DG said women leaders should be ready to fight for their space by taking on the political establishment and relentlessly pushing for increased representation.

She said it is imperative for more women to begin to be active in the political arena of the country as the 2022 general election approaches.

“More women should seek leadership roles in politics and governance as a way of tackling their under-representation in leadership positions,” she said.

Achani went on to say, ‘as the 2022 general election draws near we need more women to step out and seek leadership roles.’

She contends that women should scale up their political participation ahead of the 2022 general elections in a bid to achieve gender parity in the political scene.

The DG spoke at a public forum under the theme ‘Wadada Pawa Forum’ organised by the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) to discuss various opportunities for women, especially in mater leadership at Mangro Hotel in Diani Township.

“Women need to arise and take positions in the political realm and on the decision-making table. The challenges are numerous, but if we stand for each other we can make it,” she declared.

She urged women to be ambassadors of peace and focus on empowering each other in socio-economic and political spheres.

Kwale County Deputy Governor Fatuma Achani when she addressed a women empowerment forum in Diani Township. She called on women to seek leadership roles to increase their political representation in the country. Photo by Hussein Abdullahi

“The county of Kwale through the Elimu Ni Sasa initiative has not only empowered the girl child but also ensured equity in matters of education,” she said.

Achani said she was now ready to run in the gubernatorial race in 2022 when her boss Governor Salim Mvurya would have served his two terms limit.

She said she is well-suited to step into the shoes of her boss when he leaves office at the end of his two-terms, having deputised him since the 2013 general election that ushered in devolution.

The DG urged women to register as voters and turn out in large numbers in the 2022 general election and exercise their civic duty.

“Women should take an active role in national issues such as general elections to increase their numbers in politics,” she said and encouraged women to unite if they are to succeed in their endevours.

The eloquent Achani also urged women not to shy away from politics which is seen as a male dominated space.

“We need as women leaders to start strategising now on how to attain equal representation of men and women so as to have more women MCAs, MPs, Senators and Governors after the next general polls,” she quipped.

She has also urged those anticipating vying for political positions to neglect negative criticism from competitors and focus on their vision and mission.

The DG was accompanied by a host of female county government officials led by County Executive Committee members Sylvia Chidodo (Public Service), Saumu Mahaja (Environment), and Msambweni Sub County Administrator Mwanakombo Kilalo among others.

By Hussein Abdullahi


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