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Work but value, treasure and love your families, leaders urged

The newly appointed County Executive Committee Members in Nandi County have been asked to value, treasure and love their families

Area Governor Stephen Sang stated that as much as they need to work hard to deliver his manifesto, family is the only place one can run to when everything is a mess.

“The relationship that you have built at home countersigns what kind of a person you are today. Your family has a big contribution in molding you as a person,” he said.

Speaking at the County headquarters, Sang said many people concentrate on working thus neglecting their families. He said during the last election, many marriages and families were broken and he does not want the replica to his administration.

“When everything is a mess, and when no one is on your side, a family will never leave your side. Everyone may abandon you but your family will be there through the end of time,” he said.

The county boss pointed out that family is something you cannot replace with anyone or with something in this world adding that they need to be cherished. He said your family is one of the most priceless gifts that God gave people in their lives and should be taken care of.

“A family will always be your fan and your loyal supporter for life. Whether you lose in your battle or win they will always be right in front of you to give you encouragement. Your family is your army,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by religious leaders present at the event who said whatever one became in future or now, whether they fail or not, the family if well taken care of will always be there to give one a hand so they could stand up again.

By Linet Wafula

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