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Wundanyi artisans receive training

Officials from the National Construction Authority (NCA) and the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) have initiated sensitization workshop for artisans in Wundanyi constituency to equip them with skills on how to exploit their potentials in the construction sector.

At least 300 masons were taken through the processes involved in successfully tendering for contracts, registration of construction companies, and obtaining certification from the national construction sector regulators.

In partnership with the office of the Wundanyi legislator, NITA also trained and certified 200 local artisans in various construction niches, broadening their scope of skills and opportunities for employment.

The construction sector even in the local areas is always booming, but the technical and certification gaps have seen construction projects going to bigger and well-established companies at the expense of local artisans.

The NITA and NCA workshops have been an eye-opener to youths with an interest in construction, who can now take advantage of the insider’s knowledge to be certified, win contracts, and take their skillsets to the next level.

Lauding the initiative by NITA and NCA, Wundanyi Member of Parliament Danson Mwashako urged the locals, especially the youth, to take advantage of the opportunities to create jobs for themselves and their colleagues.

“This is a rare opportunity for the youth to grab the baton and run with it in terms of bolstering their skills and creating income-generating activities for themselves and others,” said Mwashako.

With Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions being localized by the national government to reach the massive numbers of the youthful populace, the move by NCA and NITA is a welcome nod to those who are skeptical about the potential of technical education.

By Arnold Linga Masila

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