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Young golf champion to make the sport his career

Lucas Nyambogo, 20, began playing golf at the age of 17 and has made good progress three years later having participated in several tournaments and carried the day a number of times.

“I started playing golf at the age of 17, and actually golf has taught me more in life like you have to be patient, humble, and empathetic,” declared Nyambogo.

“Winning this tournament and becoming the winner is great and I actually feel good. I hope to become the overall winner in Vipingo,” stated Nyambogo.

The golf champion said golf isn’t a walk in the park but he was inspired by his father who he could watch practicing and even accompany him to tournaments and that is how he got motivated to join the sport.

“Golf seems to be the hardest game according to me. I saw my dad practicing one day and that is how I picked it up,” disclosed Nyambogo.

He urged youths not to be lazy or reluctant but to try out anything they can do for that is what may bring food to their table someday urging them not to give any room for interruption but to follow their dreams passionately.

Nyambogo urged parents to take their children to golf schools to enable them to nurture their talents and build on their body fitness since playing the sport is also exercising the body.

Nyambogo, however, did not go to any golf school but won his first tournament in 2019 following the inspiration of his father who until his demise was a legendary golfer in the Lake region.

He clinched his first trophy in Club Night (Wednesday Spoon) at the Nyanza Golf Club. He adds that besides his father, his grandfather has also been his greatest supporter making him feel motivated and always looking forward to making him proud.

He however noted that peer pressure has been a major setback since the game is seen as for the aged and he was teeing off the adults. Sticking to his game plan and self-belief has been his principle all through and that is what is keeping him going.

The young dedicated golf champion urged youths and teenagers to identify what they can do best and never give up on the hard situations they come across. “Never give up and always have faith in God and everything will just work,” urged Nyambogo.

Having won the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga golf tournament and the Safaricom Juniors’ Golf Tournament, the young titleholder is optimistic about carrying the day in the upcoming tournament in Vipingo slated for 26th and 27th August.

“I’m glad for winning this one and the Jaramogi tournament where I trounced stars. I feel good actually and motivated. I will win in Vipingo,” assured Nyambogo.

He adds that he is aiming at moving into the international golf open tournaments and winning tournaments looking forward to becoming a professional golfer in the future.

“I anticipate going outside. My dream is to become a professional golfer, to win a lot of tournaments in the PGA Tour, Asian Tour and the Desert Dubai Tour,” explained the champion.

Nyambogo has bagged a number of trophies after trouncing his opponents in the junior tours held across the country.

By Peter K’opiyo

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