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Young man found dead after days of searching

A young man was on Tuesday evening found dead in a bush a few metres from a road near Ngoje primary school in Rachuonyo North Sub County after days of search in the same area.

The man Abdul Ogayo Hussein, 22, hails from Bongu within Ngoje village.

His father Hussein Ogayo said his son disappeared on August 1, 2019 and they have been searching for him saying he had even reported his disappearance to the police at Mawewo police post.

The death of the young man has been received with a lot of suspicion and many residents are pointing fingers to unnamed individual.

“It may appear my son took poison but I am aware somebody had also threatened my son over a woman,” the deceased’s father said.

He said he had as the father intervened to solve the conflict but the unnamed person said there was no need because elders had advised him not to pursue the matter farther.

However, Hussein said his son felt threatened and had reported the matter to the police at Kosele police post though he did not remember the exact date.

Residents said they knew Abdul as a quiet young man who has not been involved in any criminal activities in the area. His brother Alamin Hussein who found the body said Abdul worked as a mason.

He said at the night of his disappearance messages were sent to his phone

“My brother had sent me a message saying he is dying and that we should find him in the shrubs near Ngoje primary school,” he told the media adding that since my phone was off I came to get the message the following day.

Alamin said his brother did not however, say why he was dying and as a family we have never had any conflict that could push him to do anything bad.

He said his brother had been baptized about two weeks ago at a mosque in Kendu bay

“My other brother, Dulkifli Ochieng also received a message from Abdul’s phone saying ‘bye’,” he said.

Alamin said his deceased brother’s phone was intact at the scene where his body was found but he said it was dismantled as the handset and battery lay separately
He said as a family and residents all along had been searching in this area but they never saw the body until Tuesday.

Musa Akuno, the Ngoje village Nyumba Kumi elder said near the body lay a bottle of beer and another bottle with a content they considered to be poison but noted police will be able to establish what it is.

At Kosele, Police Commander Benson Wafula while dispatching officers to collect the body from the scene at around 4.30pm told KNA police will be able to establish whether the deceased actually had reported at the station about his threat during probe into his death.

He asked residents to be patient as police carry out investigations to establish the cause of the death.

By Moseti Julius

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