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“Young men are wasting away in chang’aa dens”- DCC Makau

Ithanga Kakuzi Deputy County Commissioner Angela Makau has ordered a crackdown on the illicit brew trade that is slowly creeping back in Murang’a,

While addressing a public forum organised by Judiciary Kenol Law Courts on legal aid clinic and sensitisation on the Children’s Act 2022 at Mitubiri chief’s camp, Ms Makau took a swipe at the village elders who have been arbitrating crime in the area and warned them against enabling the illicit brew trade.

“The young men who are tomorrow’s future are wasting away in chang’aa dens under the full glare of village elders who have been compromised thus are reluctant to report the traders in this business” remarked Ms  Makau.

“In respect to this I order a complete immediate overhaul of the village elders especially in Kandimu area of Ithanga, which has become the most notorious in illicit brew trade,” she said.

She urged the residents to work closely with the local administration and protect the rights of children by reporting those distributing bhang and illicit brew as these vices are detrimental to the country’s future generation.

The DCC further assured area residents that more police officers will be deployed in the area so as to deal with the alarming rise in insecurity in the area.

At the same time, Makau sent a strong warning to the perpetrators responsible for vandalising and stealing transformers and power lines, a vice that has become rampant in the area.

“The government is using a lot of resources to ensure we have public utilities in our area and it is therefore a dis -service to the government and other residents to allow some people to steal transformers and power lines,” she noted.

She urged the youth in the area to keep guard and report the perpetrators since they live amongst them.

We have intensified security and will not hesitate to arrest and arraign in a court of law anybody who will be found vandalising the transformers and power lines,” stated the DCC.

By Florence Kinyua


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