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Young swimmers gear up for the National Swimming Championship

Mombasa County Swimming Association (MCSA) held the Junior Gala at the Aga Khan Academy for Swimming clubs and academies compete for a spot in the upcoming national swimming competition.

About 245 participants aged between 11 to 14 years from eight teams, fiercely competed for a coveted spot in the upcoming Junior National Swimming Championship Gala slated for May.

Punian Khanabal, a member of MCSA, said the organization’s objective is to empower young swimmers through the provision of opportunities and support to participate in competitive events.

Khanabal emphasized MCSA’s commitment to ease financial constraints swimmers face by offering to cover the expenses associated with participation in events.

She added that the association also prioritizes the development of young swimmers by organizing training sessions and camps, aimed at honing their skills and exploiting their potential for success in national swimming championships.

“We are trying to get sponsors to support these events as we are trying to facilitate talented swimmers. A sponsor would help in developing these talents,” said Khanabal.

The gala saw Mombasa Aquatics emerge as the top-performing team, securing a total of 167 medals, including 81 gold, 54 silver, and 32 bronze. Following closely behind was the Bandari Swim Club, getting a total of 142 medals, 47 gold, 50 silver, and 45 bronze.

The Blue Ocean Swim Club came in third with a total of 76 medals, while The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa and Oshwal Academy came in fourth and fifth respectively.

In the Boys under 11 in the 200 Short Course (SC) Meter Individual Medley (IM) category, Harith Muses of Mombasa Aquatics dominated winning a gold in a time of two minutes and 58.35 seconds. His teammate, Abdulkadir Abdulkadir, finished second, highlighting Mombasa Aquatics’ overall domination in the event.

The Girls’ category saw Afreen Ahmed from Blue Ocean Swim Club securing the top spot with a time of three minutes and 21.80 seconds.

The event also featured impressive performances in the breaststroke category, with young swimmers showcasing their technique and determination.

Notable mentions include Twalib M. Twalib from Blue Ocean Swim Club in the Boys six year olds category, and Bakhita Karuga from Mombasa Aquatics in the Girls 5 & Under category, both securing gold medals in the 25 SC Meter Breaststroke.

Zubeida Mote and Humaira Issa, both representing Mombasa Aquatics, finished second and third respectively, demonstrating the club’s prowess across genders and age levels.

The Junior Gala not only provided a platform for young swimmers but also an opportunity for them to showcase their talents. It was a testament to the growing popularity of swimming as a sport in Kenya as they prepare for the Junior National Swimming Championship Gala.

By Abdulrahman Allui

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