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Youth advised to shun drugs

The youth have been urged to share positive experiences on social media instead of negative lifestyles which include the consumption of alcohol and other drugs, which inadvertently makes it appear trendy and influences others.

The chairman of youths in Nakuru County John Kanyi said there was no doubt that drug abuse is a major problem in the country and, more than half of youths have used drugs at least once in their lifetime.

Speaking on Wednesday during a seminar held at a Nakuru hotel, he said there are many reasons young people turn to drugs, some do it to escape the reality of their lives, others to fit in with their peers.

He noted that the most abused drugs in the country include alcohol, marijuana and heroin adding that many young people start out with alcohol and tobacco, then move on to harder drugs.

Kanyi regretted that despite there being stringent laws the substances are easily accessible; which makes them more attractive to young people.

Apart from that he said alcohol was the most widely abused drug because it’s relatively cheap and legal.

However, Kanyi said alcohol is actually a very dangerous drug and is responsible for a large number of accidents, injuries, and deaths annually, hence there’s a need of looking into ways of controlling it.

“This generation is the most connected in the history of mankind, social media has made it possible for people to share details of their lifestyles, including negative experiences and enjoyment of drugs,” he said.

Besides, he said social media plays a huge part in the youth’s lives, and they are constantly comparing themselves with others, and when they see their peers taking drugs, they are more likely to follow suit.

Advising the youth to steer clear of drugs, he said the consequences are devastating since it may easily lead to health problems, financial difficulties, violence, and crime.

By Veronica Bosibori

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