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Youth ask the State to revive Kazi Mtaani programme

The youth in Kajiado want the government to reintroduce the Kazi Mtaani programme, which helped them earn a living, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

They said that re-introducing the program would cushion them against the harsh economic times currently being witnessed in the country, just like it helped them cater to their everyday needs during the pandemic.

“In Ngong, Kitengela, Isinya and Kajiado towns, there is a lot of garbage that needs collection. If the government can reintroduce Kazi Mtaani, it will be a win-win situation as the youth will collect the garbage for payment and the towns will be clean, just like before when the program was running,” said John Mwangi, a youth in Kajiado town.

He added that the programme will also help curb the rising insecurity cases in the County as most people will have their own money and there will be no need for them to rob others, to get food on the table.

Ian Kimani, a beneficiary of the program, said that the program kept the youth busy and added they had no time for vices such as drug abuse.

He further added that though the pay was small, most of the youth turned into breadwinners of their families, who live in the slum areas.

“At least we did not sleep hungry, as one was guaranteed of some cash at the end of the day, unlike now when we have no source of income at all,” said Kimani.

Eliabu Zakana, an Environmental Health graduate, who participated in the program says he was able to gain skills and open a mitumba business shop in Kajiado town, from the money he earned from the programme.

“The opportunity was life-changing for me and my family, as I was able to move out of my mother’s house after I became financially independent. I hope that the government will reintroduce the programme, to give more youth a chance to change their lives even when formal employment is not available,” said Zakana.

The youth who used to work in shifts earned Sh455, while their supervisors earned Sh505 per day.

Kazi Mtaani programme ended in June 2021.

By Diana Meneto

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