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Youth programme hailed in addressing insecurity in Kwale

The Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP) has alleviated insecurity thus prompting economic stability in Kwale County.

The five year national government programme (KYEOP) aims to reach over 280,000 youth and increase employment and earning opportunities among the targeted young people across Kenya.

County Director of Youth Affairs Charles Ayako said that KYEOP has so far offered job opportunities and skills to over 100 youth who were idle and vulnerable of being radicalised by religious zealots.

“The project has restored peace and harmony because there is no room for idlers who could be easily manipulated into joining criminal gangs, for the KYEOP has presented them with various skills that lead to self-employment,” he said.

Ayako commended the programme terming it as beneficial for the local community and urged more young people to take up the progamme by applying whenever the chance arises.

He asked for parents’ support in making sure their children live a promising life by enrolling them in to the KYEOP programme.

“This development project is open for anyone, it is meant to benefit all. Parents you must inspire your kids towards joining this programme if you really care for their future,” said Ayako, adding that no one deserves to be left out in development.

However, he admitted that the project was marred by some delays in the disbursement of funds from the national government used in paying stipends for students enrolled in the programme.

He made the remarks ahead of the International Youth Day preparations which is set to be held in early August this year.

By Shaban Omar and Hussein Abdillahi


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