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Youth urged not to torture parents this Christmas by demanding too much

The youth have been urged to appreciate the hard economic times facing the country and avoid unnecessary demands on their parents during this Christmas season celebrations.
John Kinyua, the county youth leader said a number of families are normally put under a lot of pressure by young people during the celebrations because they want to get a variety of presents in order to brag to their friends and neighbours.
However, Kinyua said much as parents and guardians have in most cases heeded to their demands, this Christmas will definitely be different, not just to the youth, but also to them due to the coronavirus pandemic which has affected economies all over the world.
“Christmas is a time we all look forward to because of the joyous celebrations and meeting family members whom we might not have seen throughout the year but the pandemic has changed everything and what matters now is the preservation of ones’ health,” he said.
Addressing a press conference in Nakuru town today, Kinyua therefore appealed to the youth not to manipulate their parents by threatening to run-away from home if their demands are not met.
He said a single day should not destroy any youth’s life by overindulging on illicit brews and other social excesses which might deny them a chance to go back to school next year.
He noted that the opening of a new international clothing store, the LC Waikiki, has excited a number of young people who were longing for presents, but he said they could wait until the economy improves for their parents to afford them.

By Veronica Bosibori


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