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Youth urged to take up Ajira digital program

Youth in Kakamega County are being encouraged to take advantage of the Ajira digital program under the Ministry of ICT to earn an income through online work.

The Ajira Digital program is a government initiative driven by the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs to empower young people countrywide to access digital job opportunities.

Speaking at the Kakamega youth empowerment centre during the Ajira training programme, an Ajira digital trainer Gloria Moraa encouraged more youth to come forward and get trained.

Moraa said the program seeks to bridge the unemployment gap that is widening especially amongst the youth in the country.

“The objective of the training is to reach 1 million Kenyan youth with digital skills to ensure they earn at least a minimum wage from online space, since there is a high rate of unemployment among them in the country,” said Moraa.

“Many young people own smartphones, Ajira digital seeks to help them earn a living through their phones without capital,” she added.

“Youths are just supposed to use their skills in writing, photography and any other skill one might have to earn a living,” she said.

Moraa said social media has been impacting youth in both negative and positive ways, but Ajira digital is one of the platforms that aims to impact youth in a positive way.

Kakamega County has five youth empowerment centres at Ikolomani, Butere, Matungu, Navakholo and Lurambi constituency offices installed with laptops and internet connectivity.

“There are five youth empowerment centres in Kakamega County, Ikolomani constituency, Butere constituency, Matungu constituency, Navakholo and Lurambi constituency, since the ajira youth is being rolled out in constituencies, ” said Moraa.

“The training was supported by Youth Alive Kenya and Rural techlobal organisations,” said the coordinator Halima Nyota.

Halima also said that they intend to have monthly training sessions so that they can reach more youth.

By Viviane Khanda and Esther Mellab


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