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Youth urged to use gov’t funds for self-empowerment

Keiyian Ward Administrator Moses Magiro in Narok County has called on young people, persons with disabilities, and women to form groups and register into groups to benefit from the various government revolving funds.

Magiro advised the jobless youths to organise themselves into groups and apply for the money that would help uplift their standards of living.

He described young people as energetic and with the potential for small businesses like vegetable farming, poultry farming, and beekeeping, among other activities.

Doing business, he said, will help the society develop as everybody will be busy minding their own business, reducing cases of theft, family wrangles, and violence in the society.

Among the kitties that give money to organised groups are the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF), the Youth Enterprise Fund, the Women Enterprise Fund, and the Uwezo Fund.

“The money is given to registered organised groups who have a vision to develop. I encourage you to join hands with trust-worthy friends with whom you have the same vision,” he said.

The ward administrator, speaking at Enasoen area in Trans Mara West Sub County during a youth meeting, encouraged young graduates to use the skills gained at the university to solve challenges in society through inventing or being entrepreneurs.

“Coming together is a strong weapon to resolve any form of challenge you face. When young people unite for a positive goal, they can transform society,” he said.

Naretunoi Youth Development Group Chairman Patrick Nchamusi called upon young people to be role models in society and help their parents live a decent life.

He said that despite these hard economic times, they have teamed up as a group of 20 university and college students to save as little as Sh500 per month so as to do sugarcane farming in the area.

“We have, as of now, saved about Sh60, 000, six months after starting this group. We have a target of saving Sh80, 000 by the end of this year, so that we can officially start our project next year,” said Nchamusi.

By Ann Salaton and John Lebunge

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