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Youths in Nyahururu want kazi mtaani extended

Youths in Nyahururu have called on the government to extend the Kazi Mtaani programme or employ them on a permanent basis.

The programme dubbed National Hygiene Programme that sought to afford the youths a decent livelihood while cushioning them from the effects of Covid-19, decried the uncertain future that starred at  them as the programme comes to a close on March 4, this year.

Talking to KNA, both the workers and supervisors said that the programme has been of great value to them since the onset of the pandemic as they have been able to meet their basic needs and also taken care of their families after they were left with no source of income.

A worker at the programme, Esther Wangare said that the programme was good and had been of great impact to her as it had enabled her clear all her debts and met all her needs.

“It has also impacted me with money saving skills, I can now save money for my child’s school fee.

“Due to the high rate of unemployment in the country, am requesting the government to consider renewing the programme or even employ us on permanent basis as the programme has enabled us to even pay school fees for our children and siblings,” Wangare said.

Another worker Peter Ngugi said the programme had assisted the youths as most of them had turned to drugs thus had kept them busy and enabled them to stay away from illegal activities.

“We can now stand for ourselves and assist our families, we request the government to employ us as we have nowhere to go and the economy is still bad,” said Ngugi.

Meanwhile, Nyandarua County had deployed a total of 3163 Kazi Mtaani vulnerable youths to cushion them from the effects of covid-19 and also contain further spread of the virus by maintaining cleanliness of towns where most people were affected due to their high numbers.

The kazi mtaani programme is set to end in March this year, the more reason the beneficiaries are requesting for an extension.

by Phinic Kerubo

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