Youths take up sports to fight drugs

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Drugs and substance abuse among the youth may become a thing of the past in Mamboleo area of Laikipia West Constituency after the introduction of football and volleyball games.

The two games have attracted more than 60 youths who turn up every evening to participate in the games.

John Kioko, the youth coordinator, said that the main vision of the games is to grow talents and to mitigate the drug menace which has stolen the lives of many youths in the area.

“We have three balls, two for football and one for volleyball and a volleyball net as well. These equipment were bought by the New Spring Church pastor, Pastor Simon Mwangi.

“Most of the players are in high school so we hope to grow their talents and to keep them from engaging in harmful behavior like drug abuse,” said Kioko.

He further added that the lack of a girls’ team and uniform as well as a field to play on are among the challenges that they face. The young players are also in need of trainers both in football and volleyball so that they sharpen their skills.

Pastor Simon Mwangi, the youth chaperon and sponsor, said that his main aim for buying the games equipment was to harness the potential of the youth and to nurture their talents.

“There is a great menace of drug abuse especially marijuana in Mamboleo. The games will go a long way to keep the youth busy so that they don’t opt to abuse drugs due to idleness,” Mwangi said.

He further stated the importance of games to the youth’s physical and mental health as well as them being fun and interactive.

By Irene Wandia Muchemi

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