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Student Nurses Offer Free Medical camp in Chuka

Around 1000 people will benefit from a free medical camp at Chuka University that was meant to help those in need of specialized medical treatment.

The program which is an initiative of Kenya Student and Novice Nurses (KESNNUR) and Chuka University Nursing Students Association (CUNSA) will also ensure a free mentorship program as well as a regional blood drive.

Speaking to the media, Prof. Lucy Gitonga, in charge of the School of Nursing and Public Health at the university said that the one-day, medical camp is meant to carry out different tests, treat and make referrals to those who may need specialized medical treatment.

Prof. Gitonga revealed that the camp is held in different regions each year to help residents benefit from it.

“The camp is something we do annually and last year we carried it out at Chiakariga and Mutino location but this year we decided to bring it to Chuka so that the residents can benefit from it because it is our duty to serve the community,” she said.

The Don noted that they have partnered with various organizations such as Family Bank, National Authority for the Campaign against Drug Abuse (NACADA), Neema Opticians, Chuka Nursing Home, Beyond Zero, Chuka General Hospital among others to bring the services closer to the community.

“We thank our partners for honoring us and collaborating with us because health is wealth,” she said.

Prof. Gitonga expressed that the medical camp is offering different services like cervical cancer screening, checking glucose levels, BMI, PITC/HIV testing, Blood grouping/cross matching, family planning, Blood donating, outpatient services and consultation services.

“We are targeting to conduct different and free tests for around 1000 people because our students are from within and will stay up to 6:00 pm. If we find any form of illnesses, we will treat and where we are not able to treat you we will guide you to other facilities,” she said.

Prof. Gitonga encouraged people to have regular checkups for earlier diagnosis of diseases such as Cancer for early treatment.

“Some of the illnesses if discovered early can be contained,” she said.

On his part, CUNSA Chairperson Elphus Murichu said that the association has different projects including free medical camps for checking and conducting different tests to treat various conditions before they go out of control.

“We are also giving some medicine for free from the pockets of our students who go a step further to serve our community,” Murichu said.

One of the patients, Doreen Kaimuri, was grateful to the university saying that some of the tests carried out are very expensive elsewhere and not everyone can afford them. She however requested the university to organize the free camps regularly.

By Kelvin Miriti

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