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11.2 million Huduma cards processed so far

A total of 11.2 million Huduma cards have been processed and 6.5 collected, Government Spokesperson Col. (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna has said.

Speaking at the government media centre during a media briefing, Oguna urged Kenyans whose cards are ready to collect them.

“To check the status of the card, one can log onto by using their ID card number,” explained Oguna.

He further said that arrangement for Phase two Huduma Namba registration is ongoing with mobilisation of the necessary resources being done and training of ICT and National Registration Bureau (NRB) officers is on-going. The announcement on the commencement of the Phase two will be made in due course.

Oguna said that there have been concerns regarding whether Huduma Namba will be used in the coming general election and explained that the position is that it will not be used.

“While it would have been the most preferred document, there was a delay in the Huduma Namba process after the court issued an injunction in May 2019. The injunction was lifted in January 2020, but with the condition that regulations on the management of data be developed. This was completed and the process resumed in November 2020. This delay had an impact on the process,” explained Oguna.

On the ongoing voter registration exercise, Oguna said that voting is every person’s constitutional right, and it is important to vote in order to choose the Government and the leaders that one wants to represent them.

Oguna lamented that the IEBC has rolled out nationwide voter registration, and the turnout at the stations has been low.

“Kenyans are therefore urged to come out and register as voters in order to be eligible to choose the leaders they want,” he said.

On the Covid-19 situation, Oguna said that the impact of the pandemic continues to be felt across the country, with many Kenyans desiring for the economy to be opened explaining that it is equally the wish of the Government to have the economy fully open.

“However, it is important that as we seek to have the economy opened, we are also willing to be vaccinated. Countries that have opened up their economies have had a large percentage of the population vaccinated. It is therefore our appeal to our people to come out in large numbers and be vaccinated. Visit the nearest vaccination centre today and accept the vaccine that is available. All vaccines have the same efficacy, having been cleared by the World Health Organisation (WHO). There is no need to be choosy. The best vaccine is the one in your arm,” said Oguna.

By Joseph Ng’ang’a

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