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Government pumps Sh47 million to assist the vulnerable in Alego – Usonga

The government has pumped over Sh47 million to assist the vulnerable persons in Alego / Usonga constituency, Siaya Deputy County Commissioner Joseph Sawe has said.

Sawe said that the money was released as cash transfer to both the older persons and persons living with severe disability in the constituency, with close to 6,000 people benefitting.

He was addressing the media Thursday in his office to expound on the national government initiatives aimed at spurring the economy in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.

The DCC said that between January and April this year, 5,837 old people received a total of Sh46, 696, 000 as stipend from the national government.

He said that 154 persons living with severe disability from the sub county received a total of Sh1, 232, 000/= from the government during the same period.

Sawe said that apart from the cash transfer, the government had also released 2,000 bags of rice to help families displaced by floods and other vulnerable members of the society.

He said that a team has been appointed to prepare a report on the needs of the 7,500 people who were displaced by floods, losing homes and crops in the wake of rising river Nzoia waters.

The DCC said that 2,795 hectares of crops were submerged by the floods and the farmers have to start from scratch.

“It will take a little bit longer to have the displaced people back to their homes, most of which collapsed,” he said adding that they were working on a report on the building needs of the victims which would be submitted to the government for possible assistance.

On coronavirus, the DCC challenged members of the public to support the war by volunteering information of those who sneak out of the lock down areas.

He said it was a pity that the public was creating a haven for those who sneaked out of quarantine and other areas under lock down thus exposing themselves to potential threats.

On the recent eight-point post coronavirus stimulus package announced by President Uhuru, Sawe called on the locals to be ready to benefit from the government initiative on items such as fabrication of 250,000 desks to schools.

“Siaya will not be left out of the stimulus package and we shall ensure fairness,” he said.

By Philip Onyango.

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