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Wear masks or face arrest, Butere police warn residents

Police in Mumias West Sub-County are calling on residents of the area to wear masks as advised by the Ministry of Health in order to curb the spread of coronavirus.
The Sub-County Police Commander Mr. Paul Kipkorir noted with concern that some of the residents were not wearing masks while in public places.
He urged them to heed to the government advice failure to which they risked being arrested.

Kipkorir urged the residents to note that wearing of the masks was for their own protection and the larger community, adding that practicing safety measures as advised by health officials was a personal responsibility.

The police boss, speaking in his office Thursday noted that last week 18 people found contravening Covid-19 regulations by not wearing a mask were arrested and arraigned in court.

Kipkorir also asked residents to stick to the curfew rules as set out by the government, noting that there were reports of people moving around in the villages after 7pm.
He warned the culprits that they would face the law. However, he commended majority of the residents who were staying safe by wearing masks, washing their hands frequently with water and soap and continued to observe the one metre rule.

By Catherine Nyongesa

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