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Coronavirus is real, says county commissioner

Bungoma County Commissioner Dr. Adan Mohammed has asked residents to take personal responsibility on coronavirus, even the number of infected cases continued to rise in the country.
However, Dr. Mohammed has expressed concerns that majority of the area residents were flouting the Ministry of Health preventive measures by going out without wearing masks, ignoring social distancing rules and not washing hands regularly despite the grave danger posed by the pandemic.
He singled out Boda boda riders, matatu owners and long distance drivers as among those flouting the coronavirus laid down precautionary measures on covid-19, thus putting their own lives and others at great risk.
The county commissioner said regular washing of hands, maintaining social distancing and avoiding public gatherings were very straight forward and easy measures to adopt in order to curb the spread of covid-19.
Dr. Mohammed said it was unfortunate that some people were still spreading unfounded lies that coronavirus is just a myth, thus misleading members of the public not to observe preventive measures.
However, the county commissioner said at least 16,500 masks have been distributed to vulnerable groups in the region and urged beneficiaries to wear them at all times, especially when in public gatherings.
Dr. Mohammed was emphatic that Coronavirus was real and a dangerous global pandemic with no cure at the moment, hence all citizens should pay due attention as directed by the government.
He urged residents to be cautious about mixing freely with people coming into the area from counties with recorded cases of infections and also avoid large gatherings of more than 15 people.
At the same time, the county commissioner announced that hooligans from Kanduyi and Bungoma central who had taken advantage of the government curfew to terrorize Wananchi had been contained and calm restored.
Meanwhile, at least 1279 people had been arrested for flouting the curfew rules in the region.
By Roseland Lumwamu

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