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12 persons arrested in fresh fracas in volatile Nkararo land

12 persons have been arrested in connection with fresh flare up of clashes at the volatile Nkararo and Enosain border in Trans Mara West Sub County.

The  Narok  County Commissioner (CC), Samuel Kimiti said tension began  on Sunday  morning when a farmer who was going to his farm was prevented from entering his farm by a rival group, who threatened him with bows and arrows.

This caused fresh tension in the area as the two Maasai clans living in the area started fighting each other and burnt two houses.

Those arrested, Kimiti said, were in possession of 12 arrows, ten bows and three spears that they intended to use for war.

“Security was beefed up immediately as the area is prone to violence and lucky enough, no one was injured in the conflicts,” said Commissioner Kimiti.

The CC who addressed the media outside his office after holding a security meeting today observed that though a 4pm to 7am curfew had been imposed in the area, the residents still dared to fight each other saying tough measures would be taken on them.

“We imposed the 4pm to 7am curfew early this year to bring calm in the volatile land. However, the people on the land are ignorant of this security measure and if this trend continues, we will extend the curfew to 1pm to 7am,” reiterated an angry Kimiti.

Kimiti said the government was addressing the underlying issue of land that fueled conflicts in the area and soon those without title deeds would be given the legal document.

“The time to sweet talk people who do not follow the law accordingly is over. Now we will deal with individual people who break the law and not the whole community as many think,” said Kimiti.

He asked those with any complaints to report to the police or local chiefs who would help in resolving their issues instead of taking the law in their own hands.

“When an individual steals a cow, why should the whole clan be responsible? We want every person to carry his or her cross so that the rest can learn a lesson,” continued Kimiti.

The CC challenged the local chiefs to identify those engaging in criminal activities in their areas of jurisdiction and ensure they faced the full force of the law.

“There is a cartel of criminals moving around stealing livestock so that when they are caught, they incite the entire clan to protest and at the end of the day, it becomes everyone’s business. This is what we must end,” reiterated an angry Kimiti.

The two Maasai clans living in the area, Uasin Gishu and Siria, have been battling each other since the early 1970s leaving many people dead, property destroyed while others suffered permanent injuries.

In April this year,  the Rift  Valley Regional Commissioner,George Natembeya visited the land and imposed a 4pm to 7am curfew that is running to date.

A contingent of security officers among them the General Service Unit (GSU), Rapid Delivery Unit (RDU) and Regular police have been deployed in the area.

By  Ann  Salaton

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