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13 public primary schools to host junior secondary in Mwala

The Ministry of Education has enlisted 13 public primary schools in Mwala Sub County that will host junior secondary schools.

Mwala Assistant County Commissioner (ACC), Damaris Mutanu, said the schools were identified based on available infrastructure for the transitioning of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) learners to junior secondary schools in 2023.

Speaking to KNA at the sidelines of the Sub County Development Implementation and Coordination Committee (SDICC) at the DCC’s boardroom, Mutanu said the schools include Matulani, Kabaa, Katheka B, Kawaa, Kibau, Kikelenzu, Kilala and Kingatuani. Others are Kithangaini, Mbaikini,Mutula,Ndeini and Kikaso.

She also disclosed that the government will put up an extra classroom in 43 public schools in the sub county as part of the preparation for the roll out of the CBC.

The ACC said the classrooms will be constructed in the first phase of the project and are expected to be complete by April 2022. Mutanu said each classroom will be built at a cost of Sh788, 220.

“The Sub County had been allocated a total of 78 classrooms for the project but in the initial phase, 43 classrooms will be constructed while the others will be put up in subsequent phases,” said the ACC.

She noted that 65 contractors had been pre-qualified for the project and disclosed that the committee was in the process of receiving bids for evaluation.

By Roselyne Kavoo


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