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15 year old initiate disappears

A 15 year old initiate from Cheseon Sub-location, Sachangwan Division in Molo Sub-county has been reported missing.

According to the area Assistant Chief, Jeremiah Kirui, the initiate, identified as Mburu Kariuki, in the company of another, is said to have escaped through a window in a hut where they were staying after undergoing the rite of passage during the morning hours.

Kirui said that Mburu left while dressed in the traditional initiation clothing and the family have no idea as what might have pushed him to take such a decision.

The local residents are assisting the family in the search effort though they have not found him.

Kirui is calling on anyone with information that may assist locate the teenager to report to the authorities or nyumba kumi officials.

The locals claim that the person left to take care of the initiates had left for Sachangwan centre to run some errands when the incident occurred.

By  Emily Kadzo

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