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2 Women nursing injuries after water tank fell on their houses

Two women are nursing injuries at the Kiambu Level 5 hospital after a 50,000 litres metallic water tank fell on their houses  within Kiambu Township  on  Monday evening.

The  duo were injured while seated in their houses located behind St. Peter and St. Pauls Catholic Church  when the tank fell on the houses.

They told KNA early  Tuesday that immediately after the incident which occurred at about 7.30 p.m., they were taken to Kiambu Level 5 hospital where they were treated and discharged.

However, in the morning, they were returned back to the hospital as the condition of Beth Wambui appeared to have deteriorated in the night.

At the time of going to press, they had been taken back to the hospital and were undergoing treatment.

Wambui told KNA that she has suffered chest injuries after a block fell on her and that she had to be assisted to leave her house. She also suffered back pains and a broken hand while Cecilia Nthoki suffered a head injury and had to be stitched severally. Wambui’s five months old baby girl suffered slight bruises on her face and ears but appeared to be stable as neighbours assisted her mother to get into the vehicle of the sub-county administrator to be taken to hospital.

The  tank which had been installed at the house of the Catholic father a week ago was dismantled following the bang and pieces littered the scene.

A saloon car which was parked in the same compound was extensively damaged as was a wall that separated the rental houses and other seven rental houses. The owners of the said house had not returned home when they incident occurred.

The supporting metal bars to the tank temporarily blocked Hospital-KK Towers road for some hours and motorists had be diverted to use an alternative road to access Kiambu town and Kiambu hospital thus causing traffic jam along Biashara road.

The  Kiambu sub-county ward administrator, Hezborn Osano  was among officers from the county Government of Kiambu  who arrived at the scene to secure it and ensure that power was restored to the neighboring offices which were cut off during the incident.

He ensured that the two women who had been injured and had been discharged from the hospital were returned to the health facility as Wambui appeared to be in great pain.

She could not carry her baby and neighbours were spotted assisting her take care of the baby as she nursed her injuries.

By  Lydia  Shiloya

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