3 Nakuru MPs aiding security investigations on mysterious killings

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Three Nakuru MPs have recorded statements with the police in connection with the mysterious Mawanga killings allegedly perpetrated by an organised criminal gang dubbed ‘confirm’.

Area Regional Commissioner Maalim Mohammed said the trio, Kimani Ngunjiri of Bahati, Samuel Arama of Nakuru town West and David Gikaria of Nakuru town East were helping the police with investigations after they were adversely mentioned by members of public on the mysterious killings.

The RC cited the Bahati MP who he said   claimed in a recent public meeting at Mawanga that the criminal gangs had been hired from Nairobi to cause panic in Nakuru ahead of the elections.

“We want these leaders to give us more information on what they know on this matter,” said Maalim. He warned that the government was alert and will not spare anyone mentioned on the killing incidents in Nakuru irrespective of their social standing.

While addressing the press in Nakuru after displaying the recovered weapons and stolen items from the gangs, the RC said police have so far arrested 128 suspects and were pursuing 108 others who were mentioned by the public on the Mawanga killings.

He said initial investigations had revealed that there was a relationship between the crime-wave in Nakuru and drug trafficking and said police were in hot pursuit of an alleged financier to the gang and a drug baron who were mentioned by a number of the police informers.

However, Maalim assured Nakuru residents that adequate security agents have been deployed in all hotspot areas where the criminal gangs were allegedly operating from in addition to intensifying a 24 hour security operation and patrols in the region.

Among the recovered items included 40 knives and swords, 10 motor-bikes, 436 mobile phones, over 300 roles of Bhang, drugs including heroine among other items.

By Esther Mwangi and Agatha Agutu

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