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3 Vulnerable families get decent houses courtesy of Mary Emase Foundation

Three Teso Souths widows are grateful for the Mary Emase Foundation’s offer to construct semi-permanent structures for them , restoring hope and decency in their lives.

The Emase Foundation, led by area Member of Parliament (MP), Mary Emase, is dedicated to enhancing lives across the Constituency by empowering the vulnerable in society.

The Foundation, established two months ago, has expanded its reach by issuing full scholarships and providing start-up capitals to youths for small businesses.

Speaking to the press after visiting one of the beneficiaries at Okiporo village, Emase noted that she thought of a house to transform lives of people in her Constituency which prompted the idea of establishment of the Foundation.

“While I continue to put efforts to improve the livelihoods of Teso South through legislation and NG-CDF, I commit to also use my Foundation to power change,  I encourage others in similar works of charity and improving livelihoods, to give their contributions towards making Teso South, a better place for each one of us,” said the MP

Mama Caroline Amukaga Rajab-Ojoloi, another beneficiary, living in a condemned building in Osipat Village, experienced a transformation after a family shelter was established in her compound.

The mother of three of whom two were to join high school, was delighted when the Foundation offered to educate her children upto tertiary level.

“Besides just constructing a house for her, my Foundation will further give seed capital to her to enable her to do grocery business in line with her wishes,” the Legislator pledged.

Amukaga expressed gratitude for the Legislator for restoring light in her life, noting that she has never witnessed that kind of gesture.

Amukaga expresses gratitude to Emase for her timely intervention, as her involvement helped her overcome life’s meaninglessness and prepare her children for high school. She added, “Hon. Emase has saved my world from falling apart,’’ she expressed appreciation.

Since its inception, the Foundation has significantly impacted the lives of many residents, including Jane Erimit and Michael Ekasiba, who praise the Legislaturors intervention in transforming the Teso Community.

By Absalom Namwalo

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