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3000 avocado seedlings donated to in a bid to combat climate change

Prime Cabinet Secretary’s wife Mrs. Tessie Mudavadi yesterday gave out 3000 avocado seedlings to Vihiga County Government in a bid to combat climate change and promote sustainable agriculture.

Speaking while handing over the seedlings outside the governor’s office, Mrs. Mudavadi recognized the potential of avocado farming in addressing adverse climate change effects as well as the fruit’s high economic value.

“These 3000 avocado seedlings were carefully selected from Mofarm company ltd for their suitability to this region,” she explained.

She added Mofarm Company would offer technical support to Vihiga County government to enable it put up avocado collection center for area residents.

Mrs. Mudavadi expressed her gratitude to the Vihiga County Government for their commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture.

The event was attended by among others Vihiga Governor Dr. Wilber Ottichilo, deputy governor Wilberforce Kitiezo, Persons living with Disabilities (PWDs) and stakeholders such as NCBA bank.

She urged the National and County governments as well as the private sector to ensure PWDs are given equal opportunities to empower them economically.

“It is crucial that we prioritize inclusivity and equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their status,” Mrs. Mudavadi emphasized. She also ensured PWDs present were given relief food.

She urged Kenyans to chip in and help those abled differently to plant trees and other food crops as a way of giving back to the society as well as conserving the environment.

On his part, Vihiga Governor Dr. Wilber Ottichilo thanked Mrs. Mudavadi for the generous donations and her contributions towards climate change.

“As a county we need to plant trees that will conserve the environment as well as provide food for the residents,” he said adding that the county has reached 37 percent tree coverage which he termed a huge achievement towards favourable climatic conditions.

By Tony Gisairo

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