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Ward administrator commits suicide

South Kabouch ward administrator in Ndhiwa Sub county Jack Ochieng has committed suicide near Kodiera trading centre in North East Kanyamwa location over unknown reasons.

Ochieng hanged himself Saturday afternoon, using a sisal rope in a thicket, off Mbita road.

The deceased drove his personal vehicle and parked it besides the road and went to a nearby forest where he killed himself.

According to acting chief of North East Kanyamwa location Jane Atieno, the deceased who hails from Kochia in Rangwe Sub County was last seen at the scene at around 10am and later disappeared inside the forest for hours.

Atieno added that the body of the deceased was discovered dangling on top of a tree by members of the public, who became suspicious after seeing the vehicle parked at the area for hours with nobody inside.

Confirming the incident, Homa Bay County police commander Esther Seroney said that the deceased left behind a suicide note inside his vehicle, written in local language, which the officers took away for further interpretation.

The deceased vehicle was towed to Homa Bay Police station, while the body was taken to Homa Bay hospital morgue as police commenced investigations.

By Dan Oduor/ Davis Langat

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