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31 people charged in court for not wearing masks in Lodwar

Thirty  one people were arrested on Wednesday and arraigned before a Lodwar court for not wearing masks.

The County Commissioner (CC), Muthama Wambua and the County Police Commander, Samuel Ndanyi confirmed the arrests, saying it was part of the government measures of ensuring compliance with guidelines given by the government to combat Corona virus.

“They were each fined Sh.500. People can choose to wear masks that cost as low as Sh.50 or face the court of law for higher fines,” Wambua said.

Wambua said many residents have accepted to wear masks adding that only a few individuals are hesitant.

Addressing  the press accompanied by the county security team Wambua added that 14 Lorries are still held at Nadapal  after their drivers tried to sneak into the country from Malaba, Uganda.

Wambua  said the truck drivers will have to undergo testing for Covid-19 before they can be allowed to enter the country.

He added that anyone who comes to the county with Corona virus symptoms would be repatriated to be quarantined at home.

He at the same time commended the police in the county for managing to arrest a suspect who had travelled from Eastleigh Nairobi who tested positive for Covid 19.

“If the police did not manage to arrest the passenger as he entered Kakuma, we would be talking of many more cases,” said the county commissioner.

He also said the lockdown imposed on Kakuma refugee camp has helped prevent spread of the virus.

Meanwhile,  the County executive committee member for Health, Jane  Ajele  on Wednesday said the patient who tested positive for Covid-19 is in a stable condition in Kakuma.

Ajele was speaking during a live interview show with all the radio stations airing in Turkana  on Wednesday morning.

“The information circulating round the communities that a second case had been confirmed is not true but rumours,” she said.

While  addressing the county, Ajele  explained that the health management teams at the county and the sub county levels are facilitating contact tracing of all the primary contacts of the index case.

Ajele added that sample collection from suspected contacts has started in earnest with sufficient number viral transportation media being used in the process.

“After analysis of the victim’s movement, we can confirm that the case had minimal contacts as he had travelled in a hired taxi and did not stop in any town to intermingle with people,” she said.

Ajele urged the public to remain calm and continue exercising hygiene, use of facemask and social distancing while at the same time report any person with recent history of travel from Nairobi, Mombasa or other high risk counties.

She called on locals to start considering Corona virus disease as a problem that requires more of personal intervention rather than a government led procedures.

“This is not a government disease. Citizens must protect each other by playing their role and supporting the government even as we strengthen screening mechanisms at Kainuk and other key entry points,” said Ajele

Ajele also cautioned residents against spreading unconfirmed reports that may stigmatize community members.

She added that quarantine facility at KMTC is fully functional while the isolation centre in Kanamkemer  was ready for use.

By Peter Gitonga

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