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14 recruits from Ijara to Join KDF

A total of 14 candidates out of 300 recruits who turned out for the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) recruitment drive from Ijara constituency qualified to join the military.

Out of the 14 candidates, only one girl from Hulugho sub-county in Ijara made it to the list.

Ijara sub-county got eight candidates, Bothai one, and Hulugho sub-county five. The exercise took place at the Masalani Coast Development Authorities Centre in Masalani town.

Leading the recruitment drive, Lt. Colonel Okumu confirmed to KNA that the 14 were qualified and will join the KDF college.

He said some of the youth were overqualified and were asked to apply for officer cadet positions through the Kenya Defence Headquarters.

He said some candidates did not qualify due to teeth problems, while others had not reached the required standard in age, weight, or height.

Lt. Col. Okumu noted that the girls who turned up at the centre were not from the area, and some of them did not meet the requirements.

By Mohamed Dahir

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