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43 trainees qualify for driving course

Some 43 trainees have qualified after an intensive one month driving course comprised of 20 theoretical lessons, 20 practical lessons and 4 basic mechanical skills training.

The training is aimed at discouraging the youth from joining the extremist groups like Al- Shabaab in the Mandera triangle area, by equipping them with skills that will help them get jobs and reduce unemployment in the area.

The training was implemented by the Building Opportunities for Resilience in the Horn of Africa (BORESHA) and Regional Approaches for Sustainable Conflict Management and Integration (RASMI) in collaboration with Mandera County government with funding from the European Union.

BORESHA works in the Cross-Border areas of the Horn of Africa investing in preventing and mitigating the impact of local conflict and to promote economic development and greater resilience in four different border regions, while RASMI works in building peace in the Mandera Triangle, along the Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia border, with a view to providing conflict sensitivity training in order to enlighten youth against joining violent armed groups across the boundary.

The project also uses a conflict systems-based approach to promote peace building, conflict management and conflict resolution capacity among communities living along the border.

BORESHA has previously trained 160 youth in various skills training and provided with startup kits upon completion of their respective courses and majority of them are now self-employed.

According to BORESHA representative present during the graduation ceremony, there is a huge gap and demand for driving course as a result of infrastructural development in Mandera County, which has resulted to an influx of cars with no manpower to match the need.

The representatives said it’s therefore in their mandate to bridge the gap and empower youth in need.

BORESHA is targeting 110 youth for various skills training this year within Mandera County.

By Charles Matacho

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