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Amani clubs to promote peaceful coexistence in schools

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has collaborated with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), the Ministry of Education, and representatives from Amani clubs to develop peace-related measures in schools in order to minimize incidences of student hostility.

The project was initiated due to widespread indiscipline seen in secondary schools across the country in 2021 and part of 2022.

Speaking during the conference and training of peace Coordinators at Semara hotel in Machakos town, the NCIC Commissioner Dr Danvas Makori, stated that the formation of Amani groups in schools will facilitate harmonious cohabitation amongst students from different parts of the nation.

“We understand that establishing Amani clubs in our communities, particularly in schools, will allow individuals to live in harmony because education is universal. There is a need to reduce hostility in the institutions in order to create a more conducive learning atmosphere,” said Dr. Makori.

The NCIC Commissioner noted that through Amani clubs they will ensure that students and teachers work together to ensure that they resolve their issues to avoid chaos.

“Many schools reported indiscipline-related concerns last year, and Amani organizations will guarantee that students and teachers address their differences amicably to avoid additional disruption,” noted Makori.

He warned politicians to desist from misusing young people, notably students who are in school and those who are about to sit for their final exams.

“As the school year draws to a close, I want to call on politicians to stop abusing children in their political campaigns. We will take action against any politician who engages youngsters and students in violence,” warned Dr. Makori

Kahi Indimuli the Chairman of Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KSSHA) and Principal of Machakos Boys high school on his part said that the objective of having Amani Clubs in their schools is to ensure they are able to train the students from an early age to maintain peace.

“The objective of having Amani clubs is to ensure the students are trained from an early age to embrace peaceful coexistence either in or out of School,” said Indimuli.

However he noted there have been a lot of challenges in schools such as the school fires, hostility and destruction of properties. Indimuli added that it is time to focus on how to resolve conflicts in different institutions and that’s where Amani clubs come in.

He said the coordinators from the 47 Counties and other National officials have been trained and will start Amani clubs in their institutions.

“During this time of election period we want to continue to use the clubs to educate the students that even when out there, they should not get involved in activities of violence but become peace ambassadors,” added Indimuli.

On similar views, the Chairman of Amani peace club Mr. Kimani Kibe, said the importance of having the yearly trainings, as coordinators of peace club is to enhance peace in their learning institutions.

He pointed that the youths can either be perpetrators or victims of violence during the election period and to avoid it is through establishing Amani clubs in School to maintain peace at all level.

He encouraged the youth to always take up the active role of promoting proactive peace in their learning institutions, their families and societies at large. He added that learning institutions provide a basis in which peace education can be enhanced at the formative stages of youth.

By Anne Kangero and Conceptah Isanya

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