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Meru County intensifies covid-19 vaccination

Meru County government through the department of health has intensified covid-19 vaccination program that targets to reach 900,000 people in remote areas and villages.

Dr. Mururu Mbuku, the Co-coordinator of the immunization program in Meru County said the move had been arrived at by the Ministry of Health in order to fast track the vaccination in Meru region.

According to Dr Mbuku, a total of 79 health facilities have been set up in all the 9 sub-counties within Meru County that are offering vaccination services across the region.

Dr. Mbuku also called on the residents to avail themselves for vaccination urging them not to choose type of covid-19 vaccine to take, insisting that all the available vaccines were safe.

“We urge the public not to discriminate against any of the vaccines saying they want one time covid-19 jabs, all the vaccines are safe and they serve the same purpose.” Dr.  Mbuku said.

He also regretted the low turnout being experienced at most of the vaccination centers and attributed it to unwillingness amongst the general public to get vaccinated.

“Initially we had a shortage of vaccines, but today we are having enough vaccines for everybody, the only challenge is that people are not willing to come out and get vaccinated,” Dr. Mbuku said.

Meru County has so far managed to vaccinate about 40,000 people against a target of 100,000 expected to have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 virus at the end of the 10 day nationwide exercise.

Meru County targets to vaccinate a total of 900,000 people over the age of 18 years and so far 280,000 people have been partially vaccinated, with 120,000 people fully vaccinated.

By Erick Otieno and Makaa Margaret

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