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50 genuine squatters living on CDA land to be settled at Msabaha

Fifty genuine squatters who have been living on land owned by Coast Development Authority (CDA) at Msabaha in Kilifi will be settled in a section of the 2000-acre land after a court agreement.

Kilifi County CDA Representative Rose Mweni said the agreement is to be made through a court process after it has been established that more squatters have been invading the plot.

She said the land set for development has been under threat of invasion in the recent past and that after the court agreement, the genuine squatters will be settled on a section of the land.

“We cannot undertake fencing of the land now as many other people have been invading it. Names of the 50 genuine squatters have been with us and it is after the court agreement to settle them in a section of it when we shall fence the rest of the land off,” she said.

Speaking during the County Development Implementation Coordination Committee (CDICC) meeting at the County Commissioner’s Boardroom, Ms. Mweni revealed that a section of the land is set to be used for a housing scheme and the rest for agriculture.

She said court processes have been on going so that those beneficiaries can be made to sign for the area they will be issued with to avoid future squabbles over the same.

County commissioner Magu Mutindika who chaired the meeting called for the speed processing of the agreement saying land issues have become sensitive in the region hence should be handled with caution.

“Legal procedures should always be followed to the later in any matters of land to avoid the unnecessary fighting over settlements,” he said.

By Harrison Yeri

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