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50 homesteads submerge in Narok

About 50 homesteads in Seneka and Oltanki areas, Narok East Sub-county are living in the cold, after their homesteads are submerged, following heavy downpour being experienced in the area.

The residents have not only lost valuable items in their houses, but also lost numerous crop plantations, as their crops sunk in the floods.

Anne Nasieku, one of the affected residents, said they have moved to seek refuge on higher grounds, as their homes have completely submerged in water.

Saitoti Koisambu, said the floods have destroyed food worth thousands of shillings as over 200 acres of beans and maize, have submerged in water.

“I am worried what will happen to us because our homesteads have been flooded and our farms destroyed. We pray to God that the rain stops,” he added.

Joseph Kanai thanked the Red Cross Society for the help they have offered the community, since the disaster struck as they have been camping in the area, to rescue victims of the flood.

“We have not received any help from the government or any other humanitarian group. We request our local leaders to visit us and see the situation here,” he said.

He decried that the residents risk contracting waterborne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, and typhoid, if nothing is done immediately.

Kekoonyokie Member of County Assembly, Lemiso Kimiti, said the water is as a result of a flooded river that has burst into the homestead.

Kimiti called on those living downstream to move to upper land, to avoid the risk of being swept away by the raging water this rainy season.

“I ask parents to be very cautious with their school-going children. They should ensure that their children do not cross any river, to avoid the risk of being swept away,” he warned.

By Ann Salaton

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