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500 families benefit from food donations in Kajiado

Some 500 hunger stricken families in Kajiado West and Mashuuru Sub Counties were Tuesday assisted with foodstuffs by some well-wishers from Narok County.

The well-wishers say that they were moved by the dire situation in Kajiado, where most of the residents were going to bed hungry, a majority of them having lost all their cattle, which they depended on for livelihood to the drought.

“We heard of the situation in Kajiado through the media and decided to lend a helping hand as churches, chiefs and the local communities in Lolgorian, Oloirien, Moita and Isokon locations,” said Reverend Julius Kuluyia, the well-wisher’s chairperson.

“The Bible commands us to be our brother’s keeper, to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, cloth those without clothes, visit the sick and visit those in prison. That is what we are doing here today as we pray for the rains to continue,” added Rev Kuluyia.

Julius Suyianka, the Senior Chief, Imbuko location thanked Transmara residents for the kind gesture saying the food was a huge relief to the vulnerable families.

Patrick Surupay, a head teacher in the area says that most learners have been missing classes due to hunger and lack of school fees.

“We are really grateful for the food relief. Though it has rained, the remaining animals are still frail and can’t fetch much in the market thus the need to help us even as we grow crops to be able to feed ourselves in the coming months,” said Surupay.

The relief food which was distributed in Oldonyio Onyokie, Kajiado West Sub County and Ilmamen, Mashuuru Sub County comprised of 100 bags of maize, 100 bags of maize flour, cooking oil, rice and sugar.

The National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) reports that the ongoing rains are yet to impact on production systems and 4.4 million people are still in need of assistance.

NDMA further indicates that 970,214 children aged 6-59 months are suffering from acute malnutrition and 142,179 pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are currently malnourished acutely and in need of treatment in several counties.


Fortunately, Kajiado is currently receiving high amounts of rain and there is hope residents will soon be able to feed themselves and restock livestock which is their main source of livelihood. The situation, however, is still dire as it will take time for the pasture to replenish and for the crops to mature.

By Diana Meneto and Sammy Rayiani

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