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Young Kenyans urged to solve the country’s problems through scientific innovation

The government has challenged young Kenyan scientists to embrace scientific innovation to solve the challenges bedeviling the country.
Principal Secretary State Department for Vocational and Technical Training, Dr Kevit Desai was speaking on Saturday during the launch of the Young Scientists’ Kenya (YSK) outreach programme for the 47 counties at AIC Kyondoni Girls Secondary School in Kitui.
The Young Scientists Kenya is a unique platform in East Africa, for young people from across Kenyan counties to demonstrate their innovation and showcase their scientific talents, which are based on the premise that a wealth of talent and potential for innovation exists in Kenya.
According to Dr Desai, through annual exhibitions, Young Scientists Kenya will help to popularize science and technology amongst young people and encourage them to develop projects that seek practical solutions to the problems within the society.
The PS observed that in order to satisfy demands for the growing population, the country is required to deploy technology to satisfy its needs.
“The solution to challenges facing Kenya and the world at large lies in scientific innovation and the harnessing of new ideas that create the ability for the country to leapfrog directly into new technologies,” the Principal Secretary disclosed.
In a move aimed at addressing some of the challenges currently facing the country, Dr Desai said through digital technology, doctors can give remote diagnostic capabilities.
On the same score, the PS noted that it is by embracing new surveillance technologies and analytics that the security agencies can expand their reach and improve their impact to combat crime including terrorism and provide security.
The Principal Secretary, while acknowledging the pivotal role of young people in advancing Kenya’s science and technology agenda, commended the work of the Young Scientists Kenya, a platform he expects to see growing to becoming a truly national event involving more of the Kenyan youth from across the entire country.
Dr Desai underscored the importance of young people in the country’s future and said, it is this realization that has made the Government to make the youth a key priority.
He pointed out that the State Department for Vocational and Technical Training will champion the role of innovation as an essential component of the country’s education outcomes.
By Yobesh Onwong’a

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