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62-year-old school building gets new lease of life

Efforts  by the government to accelerate development in previously marginalised areas in the country  were witnessed on  Monday with the groundbreaking for a Sh. 6 million administration block at Marsabit Boys Secondary school.

Consequently, parents and the community have been challenged to play their role more effectively to ensure that students  at the school perform well in national examinations.

The  Saku Member of Parliament (MP), Colonel (Rtd) Dido Rasso said the national government was channeling finances through the constituency development fund (CDF) for increased growth and improved standards of living for Kenyans.

Colonel Rasso also announced the release of Sh. 27 million bursary to sponsor the education of 4,000 needy bright children in secondary, colleges and universities from the constituency.

The MP who presided over the start of the construction of the administration block for the school, said that the

government was playing its role through infrastructure development in learning institutions.

He called on students and teachers to reciprocate by observing discipline and working hard to avoid failure in


“I am also asking parents to take an active role in the education of their children by paying school fees which they can afford and not to rely on the government alone,” said the legislator.

The NG-CDF bursary kitty will benefit 2,500 secondary school students and 1,500 in universities and tertiary colleges.

Stressing on prudent use of the funds, Colonel Rasso said the office block contract was awarded to a youth-run

Construction Company in line with the 30 per cent procurement rule and the CDF Act.

The project is expected to change the face of Marsabit boys secondary school which uses an iron sheet building put up by the colonial government as an office while teachers operate at another makeshift building about 200 metres from the principal’s office.

Colonel Rasso said the construction is supposed to be completed within three months, the challenge of obtaining

construction materials from as far as Nyeri and Meru counties notwithstanding.

“I know that you are experiencing difficulties like getting water 30 kilometres away from here but I expect you to deliver good work and on time,” the MP told the contractor.

The  School Principal, David Wario thanked the government for the gesture, saying the project would bring the

administration of the school under one roof hence improve on performance.

By  Sebastian  Miriti

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