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A Family in Mariakani seeks help to return their daughter stuck in Saudi Arabia

A 32-year old woman who went to Saudi Arabia to undertake domestic chores is calling on the Government of Kenya and well-wishers to help her return to her family at Mavarata village in Kinango Sub County at the border of Kwale and Kilifi Counties.

Veronica Mwanyasi who left the country on February 15 this year for a domestic job in the Gulf nation said in a recorded video that she was ailing but nobody cared for her.

The mother of two said in several WhatsApp audio notes that her efforts to get help from the employment agency that took her to Saudi Arabia have been met with financial demands that she could not meet.

At her family home in Mavarata village, her relatives are in distress since they cannot afford Sh250, 000 demanded by the agency to bring their daughter back.

Her sister Lizzy Mwanyasi said Veronica started complaining of severe headache seizures but doctors ruled out any ailment.

Veronica’s mother Luvuno Mwanyasi said she was happy for her to get employed but currently she is regretting why her daughter went to suffer in a foreign land.

Luvuno, who is also ailing, is a distraught mother who emotionally says she does not remember the last time she got hold of a Sh100 note.

“How and where then will I get the money to have my child back?” Luvuno asked.

Veronica’s grandmother Mkambe Luganzi described her as a hardworking and peace-loving woman adding that she’s the family’s only hope.

When contacted, Mr. Seif Rimba who is the agent that facilitated her travel to Saudi Arabia said that he was doing everything possible to get Veronica back to Kenya but on condition that she is healthy.

By Treeza Auma  

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