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Governor Lenku Cautions Ineffective County Staff

Kajiado Governor Joseph ole Lenku has cautioned ineffective county employees who do not perform their roles effectively that they will be sacked.

Speaking in a local Maa Radio Station this morning, Lenku said that it is time Kajiado residents get effective services as it is their right.

Ole Lenku noted that it is unfortunate that some of the county employees are earning salaries and drawing other employment benefits yet the wananchi are suffering immensely.

“Kajiado people have suffered for long due to incompetence in the public sector for example water scarcity and the dilapidated health sector. If the wananchi of Kajiado cannot get water or adequate health services, it is time for you to step out and let competent people work,” said Ole Lenku.

The Governor noted that he hired a lot of people in his first term but he will ensure that only those who are productive will be retained in his second term.

“My first administration was based on hiring people but in this term, I will ensure that all county employees are delivering effective services to the mwananchi. I will sack all those who are unproductive,” added Lenku.

Lenku revealed that the county government will offer overseas scholarships to competent staff in order to enhance their skills.

By Diana Meneto

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