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ABSA Bank partners with Embu County to boost women businesses

ABSA Bank of Kenya, in partnership with the County government of Embu through Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inter- county Mentorship forums is set to boost women businesses.

County Executive Member in charge of trade, Dr. Joan Mwende while addressing the media today said many women businesses in the county were adversely affected by the corona pandemic.

Dr. Mwende however said the county government of Embu has laid strategies that will help revive and sustain businesses such as through waiving business licenses.

The CEC observed that with the waiver of licenses they aim to revive many businesses and also cushion others against collapsing.

She further noted they are partnering with ABSA bank to sensitize women to grasp opportunities offered by the government and private financial institutions to boost their businesses.

Dr. Mwende noted that many women are shying away from taking loans to expand their businesses for fear of mode of repayment.

She called upon other investors in Embu to take the initiative of helping the women in the county to boost their businesses.

ABSA Business Banking Director, Elizabeth Wasunna said the ABSA bank is not only facilitating women getting credit facilities but also providing necessary information and education on how to do business.

Wasunna said they are demystifying bank terminologies that scare away women from approaching banks for credit facilities.

The director added that they are also advising the women on how to restart closed businesses as well as how to save better in future.

Sister Josephine Ndege, Director Our Lord of Consolata in Embu, who is one of the beneficiaries of the program said women play a key role in job creation and economic growth hence need to be supported.

By Kimani Tirus

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