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 Achani wants staff to work diligently

Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani has urged county workers to be committed when discharging their official duties for the benefit of area residents.

Achani called on the employees to continue improving their productivity at the workplace and be honest in their work.

The governor gave advice during the signing of the performance contract ceremony for the newly recruited Chief Officers at the county headquarters in Kwale town.

Accompanied by her Deputy, Chirema Kombo, she urged senior county workers to lead by example and ensure effective service delivery in order to build a responsive public service sector.

The county chief said that the devolved government would continue providing the necessary tools and favourable environment needed for effective and efficient service delivery.

She said the coastal county would be a better place for all if public service workers carried out their tasks and responsibilities as per the laid-down regulations.

“Poor service delivery would not be entertained under my watch,” she said, adding that the public service sector has a critical role to play in socio-economic development.

Achani reminded public servants that they have a social and moral contract with the people to serve them diligently. 

During the ceremony, the Governor also presided over the issuance of contract letters to new members of the County Audit Committee. 

She noted that the audit committee will guarantee prudent use of public resources by the various county departments in a bid to ensure residents get value for their money. 

“This is a great step towards ensuring that our service delivery to the people is robust, effective, and driven by responsible, transparent, and accountable use of public resources,” she said. 

“We also affirm our commitment to ensuring that county government officers adopt servant leadership and friendly posture in the delivery of services to fully realise our development agenda,” she added. 

At the same time, Achani urged the county audit committee to ensure accurate management and control of public resources in a way that is transparent and economical. 

She said that the audit committee is coming on board at a time when various departments in her administration are in dire need of proper auditing so as to see the value for money in their activities. 

By Hussein Abdullahi

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