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Acute water shortage in Homa Bay town

Residents of Makongeni, Got-Rabuor and Kapita estates in Homa Bay Town are staring at a possible outbreak of water  borne diseases following an acute shortage of clean water for a couple of weeks.

The  estates have been without water supply for over two weeks forcing residents to depend on raw water from the lakes and bore holes from rural areas like Rodi Kopany and Nyalkinyi.

It  is  alleged that the county government has run out of chemicals used in treating water at their plant in Makongeni in Homa Bay town operated by Homa Bay Water and Sanitation Company (HOMAWASCO).

An official at the treatment plant who sought anonymity for fear of discrimination said they run out of essential chemicals that make water safe for consumption.

The  crisis  has  been  worsened by worn out and outdated pumping machines and electrical system at the intake point  at  the  lake.

The  machines  which were installed over 50 years ago have not been replaced and are currently not working properly.

However, contacted for comment, County Water and Environment Executive Member (CECM), Dickson  Nyawinda denied the claims that Homa Bay town has been without water for over two weeks and instead said the supply was suspended four days ago to facilitate cleaning of storage tanks.

Nyawinda  accused  some officers from his department of colluding with home owners to divert piped water to particular places.

The  CECM further alleged that some officials within HOMAWASCO were working with landlords especially those who owned flats to pump water to their areas and leave others suffering.

By  Ann  Onyango/Davis  Langat

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